Climate change and ocean resilience

Oceans silently absorb over 25% of anthropogenic (environmental change caused or influenced by people, either directly or indirectly) 50% of CO2 emissions, acting as a buffer but experiencing acidification and warming. Rising sea levels and changing weather patterns threaten coastal communities, with millions facing displacement by 2100. Blue solutions like mangrove restoration and kelp farming offer promising avenues for carbon sequestration and coastal protection.

Through expert sessions and knowledge-sharing interactions, the summit aims to close the gap by supporting the community in fast-tracking the following concerns;

Scaling up proven solutions

bridging the gap between demonstration projects and widespread implementation requires infrastructure investment and policy support.


Building community resilience

adapting coastal communities to changing climate impacts requires tailored solutions and equitable resource allocation.


Long-term financing for climate-smart blue projects

securing sustained funding for ongoing maintenance and community engagement to ensure lasting impact.


By the end of the summit, we aim to cover the following;

What innovative financing models can incentivize the adoption of blue solutions across various sectors?

How can we empower coastal communities to participate in designing and implementing resilience strategies?

What policy frameworks and international cooperation are needed to ensure long-term funding for climate-smart blue projects?

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