ABOUT THE SUMMIT Why attend the Blue Economy Summit

Great Speakers

Gain insights and inspiration from industry leaders, policymakers, and experts in ocean-related fields, covering topics such as sustainable fisheries, marine conservation, and blue tech innovations.


Connect with stakeholders from across the globe, facilitating meaningful interactions and potential partnerships in various sectors of the blue economy.

Meeting New People

Introduced to a wide range of professionals who share your passion for sustainable ocean-based industries. From entrepreneurs to government officials, and investors, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Have Fun

Opportunities to unwind and experience the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Mombasa through social events, cultural activities, and exploration of local attractions.

The Blue Economy Summit Organizer About Sote Hub

Our priority sectors now and in the next five years are:

Sote Hub is a business incubator based in Mombasa and a strong voice in the Blue Economy sector in Kenya and East Africa. Our mission is to grow a viable pipeline of ocean start-ups into industry leaders. Over the last three years, we have worked with and supported over 300 high-value MSMEs and startups who today are thriving in the Blue Economy, climate and the digital space. Through our incubation and entrepreneurship support programs, we have worked with over 900 MSMEs, of which 40% are women-led, providing job / internship matching opportunities to about 800. We have provided agricultural business development service & support to over 17,400 cashew, passion, and mango smallholder farmers.

The Blue Economy Summit Tracks This year we are delving into three main tracks

Blue Investment

The valuable Blue Economy ($2.4 trillion annually) struggles with financing for sustainable businesses, requiring innovative solutions like blue bonds to gain wider adoption.

Blue Tech

The fast-growing blue tech market ($58.6 billion by 2025), with innovations like AI fishing, needs to bridge the gap between promising ideas and practical solutions for ocean sustainability.


Climate Change

Our oceans absorb vast amounts of CO2 but face warming, acidification, and rising sea levels, requiring solutions like mangrove restoration to protect coastlines.

Why Mombasa?

Mombasa, Kenya, shimmers like a jewel on the East  African coast. This vibrant city boasts a rich tapestry woven from centuries of trade, cultural exchange, and breathtaking natural
beauty. Whether you’re a history buff, a beach bum, or an adventurer at heart, Mombasa has something to offer everyone.

Beyond the City Limitis
A cultural Mosaic
A City that Captivates
A Beachcomber's Paradise
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