Summit Key Activities
Tide Talks

Tide Talks are sector-specific panel discussions led by industry experts and leaders. We will host these talks in each of the six Coastal Counties as a build up to the summit and on a wide range of topics 


These keynotes will cover
spectrum of topics, from blue tech, circular economy,
cyber security, policies, risks and opportunities.

Startup Garage

The Startup Garage provides a structured platform for innovative startups to showcase their ventures to potential investors, begin the journey to deal making or pick invaluable feedback.


The exhibition aims to address this by providing.
a platform for startups in the coastal counties to showcase their products and services.


Software developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts will
collaborate to brainstorm solutions for various
societal cyber challenges.


Sote Incubation is a 6-month

program designed to assist startup founders, particularly
those in the early or idea stage, in gaining a holistic
view of their respective industries.

Fish value chain

This workshop is open to fishermen, fisherwomen, entrepreneurs, government officials, and all those dedicated to the prosperity of our coastal regions through responsible and profitable fishing practices.

Network linkages

The summit will bring together delegates from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, investors, students, industry leaders, and thematic mentors.


Sote Hub has run highly

successful projects under Go Blue- Market Linkages co-financed by European Union and implemented by GIZ.  About 100 Blue Economy MSMEs will graduate having

successfully completed the program.


Explore the synergy of urban agriculture and agribusiness at our workshop.

Regeneration Climate

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with leading experts, entrepreneurs and visionaries in the field who will present innovative solutions and share insights on how sustainable investments can drive both financial growth and environmental regeneration.


This event will feature exhibitions showcasing innovative products and services, from eco-friendly accommodations to cutting-edge technology solutions aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.

Blue Economy

Dive into a transformative experience that equips women with the knowledge, skills and networks necessary to thrive in the ocean-related sectors.

Register to Participate in

Blue Economy Innovation Challenge

Join us for a chance to:

  1. Showcase your innovations to experts, investors, and potential partners.
  2. Secure funding to propel your startup to new heights.
  3. Network with fellow visionaries and industry leaders.
  4. Gain visibility through media coverage and summit promotions.


Deadline: October 15, 2023. Don’t miss the wave of opportunity! 🌟🌊 #BlueEconomyInnovation

Cybersecurity Hackathon

In this hackathon, you will embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of cybersecurity, where you will confront real-world security issues and engage in the art of ethical hacking. Whether you are a seasoned cybersecurity expert or just starting your journey, this hackathon offers a unique opportunity to enhance your skills, gain practical experience, and showcase your talents. By participating in this hackathon, you will not only sharpen your cybersecurity skills but also contribute to the global effort to protect digital assets and privacy.

We believe in the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity innovation. Join us in this quest to fortify the digital world, and together, let’s pave the way for a safer and more secure online environment.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Register now and embark on a cybersecurity adventure like no other.

Activities / Events
Virtual & Physical Attendees

2022 Summit Key Remarks

The topics green and blue are close to my heart. Innovations and new solutions are crucial while addressing be it climate crisis or be in any other. Therefore, the private sector engagement is a necessary condition for the success of development activities.

Katarína Leligdonova

Slovak Ambassador to Kenya

At our time there wasn't anything in the Blue Economy which is present in today's world. I call upon youths that is your opportunity to come up with your ideas and get funding

Salama Ismail

Office of the Nyali MP

The Blue Economy presents
multidisciplinary, complex
challenges and opportunities. No one sector or institution has the capacity or capability to solve these problems and tap into the opportunities alone.

Henrik Schmidtke.

Component Lead - GIZ.

It is believed that the blue economy is a significant growth area that has the potential to create more jobs, promote sustainable development and reduce proverty 

David Ogiga

Director & Co-Founcder Sote Hub

2022 Key Testimonials

I am one of the successful beneficiaries of Go Blue. My income has increased from KES 100,000 to 300,000 Kes/Month.

Jane Maithya

Angelic Shiphandlers Enterprises Limited

The training has helped us in many ways, part of them being value addition in foodstuffs. We used to have bottlenecks in operations of the restaurant including staffing and menu choices. We also had challenges in record keeping, but now we have seen a big improvement.

Dickson Mizinga

Crab Shack Watamu

Key Areas of Focus


  • Circular economy
  • Cyber security
  • Blue economy
  • Climate change
  • Digital economy.

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